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Labor Lawyers Toronto Can Help You Claim Employment Insurance

Losing a job can wreak havoc with your life as you know it. Not only does it hurt your ego and affect your emotionally, but it might also destroy the financial stability offered by the job. Most people rely on their monthly paychecks for their monthly utilities, groceries, and other requirements. Hence, a sudden termination might bring a lot of problems with it. However, the legal system has provisions for people who have lost their job without a proper warming. This you to claim for insurance with the help of labor lawyers Toronto.

As soon as you decide to file a claim, you will need someone from a legal background to guide you through the procedure. There are a number of factors to be considered and paperwork to be filed to get your claim passed. A lawyer who has been working with such cases will be an asset to your situation. Discussed below are some important facts that you must know about employment insurance claims:

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Why were you fired?

 You are entitled to get employment insurance benefits if you have been fired or laid off from your job. However it is the circumstances surrounding the firing are important and will determine whether you are required to fire a claim or not. For instance, if you were fired for a straightforward reason like downsizing at the company, there is no need to fire a claim at all. However, if the circumstances have been a little more complicated than that, you might need to hire labor lawyers Toronto. For example, if you have already applied for compensation and have been denied, it might be a good idea to hire a lawyer.


Are You Eligible? 

 One of the most important things that you must consider when deciding whether to file a claim is if you have eligibility. In order to qualify for employment insurance, there are two important requirements that must be met. Firstly, the reason why you are out of a job is a crucial consideration. If you had resigned voluntarily or were fired for misconduct, you may not be eligible to get unemployment benefits.

Secondly, you must have worked for a minimum length of time and earned a minimum wage to be eligible for employment insurance. This required period of time is known as the base period. All these details will be looked into when you file a claim. Hence, it is important to ensure that you are eligible to receive the monetary benefits before filing claim in the first place. Labor lawyers Toronto can be hired to give expert advice about the best course of action in this case.


When to hire a lawyer? 

 If you have fired under unclear circumstances and believe that you might have some legal claims against the employer, labor lawyers Toronto can be hired to provide expert legal guidance. Even if you have quit the job voluntarily, it might be a good idea to get legal help in order to find out if you have eligibility to claim employment insurance